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November Employees of the Month: Jim and Greg Saucier

November 9, 2022

Throughout the skilled trades, there is no shortage of familial ties. Fathers and sons, cousins, and often, brothers. The Saucier brothers, Greg and Jimmy, are not only great friends, but they are great tradesmen. Each is committed to doing whatever it takes to see projects through, look out for the safety of their fellow tradesmen,…

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November Employee of the Month: Brandon Gray

Brandon’s positive outlook and easy-going attitude makes him a great employee to work with. He has proven himself to be dependable time and time again, making him the ideal employee of the month. Brandon consistently focuses on safety on and off the road, making him an asset to the Schad team. 1. How long have…

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July Employee of the Month: Andrew Malanyn

July 14, 2022

Andrew is July’s employee of the month because he consistently does whatever it takes to complete a job. From day one, he has been committed to learning and growing his skills. His sense of humor and “can do” attitude makes him an asset on any job and an ideal co-worker! 1. How long have you…

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April Employee of the Month: Dan Gwin

April 20, 2022

Dan Gwin has been a tradesmen for over 30 years and as he reaches retirement Schad would like to thank him for his years of hard work and dedication to the trades. Dan has always taken pride in his craft, making sure the job was done right, on time and without injury. He has gone…

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April Employee of the Month: Trae Henson

April 19, 2022

Trae Henson is Schad’s employee of the month because he consistently goes above and beyond his job to make work easier for everyone.  Trae recently traveled to Germany for work, proving that he will go anywhere to help get the job done!  His positive attitude and commitment to giving our customers the best service makes…

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January Employee of the Month: Jim Lezotte

February 1, 2022

For 24 years, Jim Lezotte, has been learning and teaching on the job. He is dependable, innovative, and has a succeed no matter what attitude.  Jim is skilled in all aspects of refractory installations and is always looking out for his fellow workers. He was instrumental in successfully completing several large – high pressure projects during…

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August Employee of the Month: Paul Brant

September 2, 2021

Paul Brant has been working for Schad for almost a decade and during that time he has proven himself to be a dependable, skilled, hard worker.  He is not afraid to speak up when he see’s something wrong and is always looking out for his fellow workers.  His attention to detail, especially when it comes…

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April Employee of the Month: Cory Rash

April 19, 2021

Cory is April’s Employee of the Month because he has proven to be a leader in the field and is always focused on safety and hard work. Cory is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals and make the customers happy. His attention to detail, safety, and ownership of the projects he…

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Top Refractory Mistakes To Avoid

February 27, 2021

Many times during refractory installation or maintenance, we see simple mistakes or miscalculations that were made previous to the Schad team showing up. It’s often just an oversight, but that can lead to lost time, money, and efficiency. Below are some of the most common refractory mistakes we see. 1. Assuming all refractory materials work…

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January Employee of the Month: Ryan Mays

January 20, 2021

Ryan is January’s employee of the month because he has the experience necessary to lead by example and from the other end of a phone call. He is always willing to answer anyone’s questions and lend a hand where necessary. His experience, leadership, attitude, and work ethic make him an asset to Schad. 1. How…

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