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Pre-Construction Services

Schad has the ability to be involved in projects early on by helping clients during the design and budgetary phase of a project.

So many issues can be prevented by performing diligent pre-construction services. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff at Schad can give you the best recommendations that will save your company short-term and long-term costs. From identifying vulnerabilities to ensuring you get the perfect solution, Schad is committed to helping you complete your project on-time and under budget.

Not only are there potential schedule, quality, and financial benefits, it also helps reduce the quantity of and duration that facilities have guests in their house. We leverage our off-site and logistics capabilities as much as possible to ensure a smooth, safe operation.

Our experience with refractory systems across numerous industries gives us the ability to provide value-added solutions and recommendations to our clients that decrease their maintenance costs.

Contact us for a prompt quote or assistance with your next refractory project. You will be pleased with the results!