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Vision and Culture

Vision Statement

Schad’s vision is to be a national full-service refractory leader consistently recognized for growth across industries and geographies, creating value for its customers through high-quality and on-time delivery of our services, and providing a safe, challenging, team-oriented work environment for its employees.

Points of Culture

  • Ownership: We take complete ownership of our positions. We are responsible for our decisions as well as the resulting outcomes. We see things through to completion and expect to achieve positive results in our roles as individuals and together as an organization.
  • Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in every task that we perform. No task is unimportant to the whole. We take pride in our performance and expect to be exceptional at everything that we do.
  • Team: We know that we cannot be successful on our own. We work together and truly appreciate the contributions of each member of our own organization as well as those of the partner organizations required to achieve positive outcomes for ourselves and our clients.
  • Safety: We accept that without safety our organization cannot exist. We make our own safety as well as that of our co-workers and all of our stakeholders our top priority every minute of every day. We work together to create a culture where individuals freely and consistently speak-up, ask questions, and demand answers.
  • Quality:It is our endeavor to provide the highest quality services in our industry. We treat our customers’ projects, facilities, and processes as if they were our own. We understand that quality applies to more than just the end result. It applies to every interaction along the way.
  • Consistency: We recognize that it is critical to our business that our customers expect and attain consistently positive experiences when conducting business with us. We must consistently provide positive results regardless of the industries, applications, geographies, or individuals involved.
  • Gratitude: We are genuinely grateful for our customers as well as each other.   We realize that without these relationships our personal and professional goals cannot be attained. We make it a point to remember this each time that we interact with a client or fellow employee.

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