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Crash Course on Refractory Products

April 30, 2020

In order to find the perfect refractory for every application, refractory manufacturers use a variety of different materials. By using special blends and compositions, companies like Schad are able to find custom solutions for every project and installation.

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Schad April Employee of the Month: Charles “Chaz” Patton

April 22, 2020

Charles is April’s employee of the month because he is willing to do anything to make sure the work is completed safely for our customers. Charles has a great attitude and can deal with stressful people and situations. He is always one step ahead of the bricklayers he works with to make sure they are…

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Aluminum Melting Furnace Maintenance

March 3, 2020

Keeping aluminum melting furnaces at peak operating efficiency is vital. It extends the life of the furnace and minimizes any downtime that comes with minor or major repairs.  Moreover, it lets you catch small problems before they become major (expensive) disasters. No matter the type of metal processing, unplanned downtime can be devastating to a…

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Case Study: Great Lakes Region Steel Producer

February 28, 2020

In September 2019, Schad completed a project for a Great Lakes Region steel producer. The project called for the complete reline of a combustion chamber for an electric arc furnace (EAF). Schad had previously completed some “hot-gun” repairs on the combustion chamber, but it was great to have an opportunity to perform a complete relining….

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Case Study: Eastern Ohio Steel Mill

February 14, 2020

In October, Schad took on a challenging project at an Eastern Ohio steel mill. The project involved working on four different furnaces during a two-week period. The furnaces included austenitizing, rotary, shell, and tempering furnaces. Schad was involved in every aspect of the project including inspection/scope development, material procurement, installation, and safety coordination. The various…

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Mineral Processor Feed-End Assembly

January 30, 2020

Every so often, we get introduced to a project where we have to rethink our approach. Schad recently just finished one of those projects for a mineral processor in the Great Lakes region. Schad was tasked with the installation of refractory materials in a “feed-end assembly” for a 10’6” rotary kiln. Due to the specs…

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Schad January Employee of the Month: Erin Donovan

January 29, 2020

Erin is January’s employee of the month because he leads in the fabrication shop by example. During the past several months he has exhibited great commitment to project needs and deadlines. He takes ownership of getting each project out on time and correctly. Erin is always eager to learn new skills. Not just trade skills…

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Round-Top Melting Furnace

January 18, 2020

In November, Schad performed maintenance work on a round-top melting furnace at a Western Kentucky aluminum plant. The scope included removal and replacement of the ramp, sill, jambs, and arch as well as cold cleaning the furnace and repairing the bellyband. As always, there was an ambitious schedule and high customer expectations.  “We have worked to build…

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Great Lakes Region Hot Strip Mill

December 30, 2019

Schad completed a large project on a pusher style reheat furnace at a Great Lakes Region steel mill. The project included a full hearth replacement, a leading edge replacement, work on the extractor piers, and sidewall replacement. It also included casting materials, shooting materials, and placing brick and insulation products, which required a crew with…

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Schad Repairs Bottle Car Refractory Covers

December 15, 2019

Metal covers are often used atop bottle cars that carry molten metal from one side of a steel mill to another. The covers are designed to keep heat in the bottle car during transit. When the ceramic refractory inside these covers failed, one Schad client called us in to investigate. The customer was an integrated…

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