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Schad January Employee of the Month: Rob Mackowski

January 22, 2018

MEET ROB MACKOWSKI Rob’s positive attitude and dependability are why we honor him as January’s employee of the month.  Rob was able to take on a laundry list of responsibilities in a short time, while creating a helpful positive impact on day to day operations.  His dedication to safety and his willingness to take on…

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January Tip of the Month

Be Aware of Bag Sizing This month Schad reminds you that all bags are not created equal.  Bag sizes and quantities vary across material types, manufacturers, and can even be custom bagged.  Make sure you don’t assume the bag size when determining how much material a pour is going to take, or how much water…

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November Tip of the Month

December 4, 2017

Variable Conditions Between family during the holidays and the changing weather, this time of year can be highly unpredictable.  Don’t let changing and unpredictable conditions derail your upcoming maintenance outage. Refractory materials can be sensitive to changing temperatures and conditions.  Be sure to be prepared for these changes: Shipping delays – allow extra time when…

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Schad November Employee of the Month: Jim Saucier

November 28, 2017

Jim Saucier is a hardworking and very versatile craftsman who consistently stands out. He is talented and brings a strong work ethic and leadership skills with him to work every day. We would like to honor him as November employee of the month due to his recent safety intervention. When Jim observed an unsafe act occurring on…

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October Employee of the Month: Ann Varbanov

October 23, 2017

In the almost year and a half that Ann Varbanov has been with Schad she has shown great commitment to her job and the entire Schad team. She tackles everything that comes her way with a positive attitude and takes great care to make sure things are done the right way. No matter the project,…

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October Tip of the Month

Remember to keep refractory products dry during the rainy fall season The fall is officially upon us and as is common at this time of year, we should expect to see a lot of rain.  During the summer months, it is easy to take the warm dry weather for granted and in many cases you…

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September Tip of the Month

September 26, 2017

Match the Installation Method to the Application Today in the refractory industry there are almost as many installation methods as there are products.  Each method has advantages and disadvantages which can be confusing for customers to analyze when making the decision on which products and installation methods to use during their next maintenance project. For…

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September Employee of the Month: Delray Washington

September 21, 2017

This month we are honoring Delray Washington as Schad’s Employee of the Month. Delray is one of Schad’s hardest working employees. His flexible and roll with the punches mentality makes him perfect for this industry. No matter the project, Delray keeps his cool and is quick to react. He always takes the extra steps to…

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Schad August Employee of the Month: Doris Grech

August 28, 2017

Doris just marked her 10 year anniversary with the company!  Throughout this time period, she has been a model employee.  Doris takes a lot of pride in her position and her ability to perform it at a high level.  She has a strong work ethic and exhibits a lot of pride in independently accomplishing tasks…

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August Tip of the Month

Packaging and Palletizing materials With so much emphasis in the refractory industry on material performance and turnaround time, it is often easy to overlook how a product is packaged and prepared. Many consumers of refractory products give little attention to how materials will be packaged and shipped, and often are not aware of manufacturers’ abilities…

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