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Round-Top Melting Furnace

January 18, 2020

In November, Schad performed maintenance work on a round-top melting furnace at a Western Kentucky aluminum plant. The scope included removal and replacement of the ramp, sill, jambs, and arch as well as cold cleaning the furnace and repairing the bellyband. As always, there was an ambitious schedule and high customer expectations.  “We have worked to build…

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Great Lakes Region Hot Strip Mill

December 30, 2019

Schad completed a large project on a pusher style reheat furnace at a Great Lakes Region steel mill. The project included a full hearth replacement, a leading edge replacement, work on the extractor piers, and sidewall replacement. It also included casting materials, shooting materials, and placing brick and insulation products, which required a crew with…

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Schad Repairs Bottle Car Refractory Covers

December 15, 2019

Metal covers are often used atop bottle cars that carry molten metal from one side of a steel mill to another. The covers are designed to keep heat in the bottle car during transit. When the ceramic refractory inside these covers failed, one Schad client called us in to investigate. The customer was an integrated…

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Schad December Employee of the Month: Kenny Dodge

December 10, 2019

When Kenny first came to work for Schad, he came in for a one-day job on a down day and because of his ambitious ready to work attitude, he has been with Schad ever since. Kenny has taken on the role of foreman and has led many successful projects. He constantly sets goals for himself…

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Case Study: Aluminum Reverb Furnace Refractory Repair

November 29, 2019

In January 2019, Schad completed two large aluminum reverb furnace relines for a single customer at two facilities, one in the Northern Great Lakes and one in Kentucky.    While the scopes of work were similar, the way they were performed, as well as their geographies, were quite different.  One of the furnaces was planned well…

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Emergency Refractory Repair in Detroit

November 18, 2019

Learn how Schad Refractory responded to two emergencies in less than 24 hours, and helped customers resume operations.  In February 2019, Schad was challenged with the task of mobilizing two emergency jobs in the same weekend. As the week wound down and Schad’s employees began thinking of how they would spend their upcoming weekend, the phone…

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Schad October Employee of the Month: Zelius Morrow

November 11, 2019

MEET  ZELIUS MORROW Zelius is Schad’s October employee of the month because of his dependability and willingness to do whatever the company or project needs. He is willing to travel, work days or nights, he works safely, follows instructions from the crew leaders, and takes pride in making a solid contribution to the team on…

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Schad September Employee of the Month: Eric McKee

September 30, 2019

MEET  ERIC MCKEE Eric is Schad’s September Employee of the Month because he is committed to the company and successful completion of projects. He doesn’t cut corners and takes the extra steps that keep himself and his co-workers safe. Recently, Eric was asked to take on a leadership role during a project and he did…

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Case Study: Midwestern Seamless Tube Manufacturer

August 29, 2019

During the past month, Schad was given its first opportunity to work at a Midwest seamless tube manufacturer. The previous refractory contractor had a difficult time adhering to the plant’s schedule which motivated them to give a new contractor a chance to meet their expectations. The outage was to be performed on a rotary hearth…

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Schad August Employee of the Month: Kevin Mackowski

August 25, 2019

MEET  KEVIN  MACKOWSKI Kevin came into the refractory/steel industry less than two years ago, with no idea of what he was getting himself into and without any prior experience. Since then he has learned and surpassed the expectations set for him. He now has taken on a foreman’s responsibility and has excelled in getting the…

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