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Re-Heat Furnace Rebuild in Ohio

November 26, 2018

In mid-October Schad began work on a re-heat furnace re-build project at a Northeastern Ohio steel mill. The project included replacement of refractory materials throughout the furnace including those in the hearth, extractor piers, burner walls, and roof.  Schad also installed insulation shapes on all of the new furnace skid pipes. In order to meet…

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How we Relined a 60-ton Channel Induction Furnace in Tennessee

In late October 2018, Schad completed the total reline of a 60-ton channel induction furnace at a Tennessee iron foundry. Planning the reline Our scope of work included: Removing old refractory materials Applying new refractory materials Drying out the newly applied material Ramming the inductor prior to furnace placement For this project, we had the…

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November 19, 2018

MEET MATT KUDERIK Joining the Schad team as a Project Manager in mid-2015, Matt Kuderik has worked tirelessly during the past three and a half years to build a client base, establish himself as a leader within the organization, and ensure that he builds a reputation for himself and the company that is second to…

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Schad November Employee of the Month: Bret Janow

November 14, 2018

MEET BRET JANOW Bret is November’s Employee of the Month because of his commitment to meeting job deadlines, working safely, and helping his fellow co-workers.  Bret shows up on time everyday ready to work.  He is also able to cut ceramic fiber blanket like nobody’s business!  1. How long have you worked with Schad? I…

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November Tip of the Month

WINTER IS COMING! It’s that time of year again where we must concern ourselves with cold weather.  In the refractory industry, this change in conditions creates concerns for both worker safety as well as the installation quality of refractory materials.  So be sure to dress appropriately, be mindful of slippery surfaces, and follow these tips…

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Waste Incinerator Refractory Installation

July 23, 2018

In December 2016, Schad Refractory was hired by a chemical disposal company in Chicago for a refractory installation. The technology used by the company disposes of various waste products and produces clean, useful recycled products and chemicals. To complete the project, we installed refractory materials in a Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM), thermal reactor (TRC), and…

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Hazardous Waste Incinerator Refractory Repair

July 21, 2018

Learn how Schad completed refractory repairs at a hazardous waste facility safely, on time, and on budget. In September 2016, Schad Refractory completed a turnaround on a hazardous waste incinerator at a global chemical producer’s facility in the Midwest. The work included refractory maintenance and modifications on a rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber, crossover duct…

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Aluminum Die Cast Re-Melting Furnace Refractory

July 18, 2018

Learn how Schad completed a reline on a 100,000 pound aluminum re-melting furnace. In August 2016, Schad performed a complete reline on a 100,000 lb. aluminum re-melting furnace located in the Great Lakes region. We were asked to reline the furnace and exterior walls. Schad has a long relationship with the customer, which has benefited…

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Steel Mill Re-Heat Furnace Refractory Repair

July 10, 2018

Schad performs regular maintenance and capital project work in steel mills throughout the United States. One of these maintenance projects is relining re-heat furnaces at a Great Lakes region integrated steel mill. Schad and the client have built a strong partnership in which the steel mill personnel depend on us to minimize downtime through efficient…

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Die Cast Holding Furnace Reline

July 3, 2018

Learn how Schad was able to quickly turn around a reline on a furnace for an aluminum foundry. In February 2016, Schad completed a full reline associated with an electric aluminum holding furnace used for die-casting at a Southern United States aluminum foundry. The project’s main challenge was the schedule. The furnace had reached a…

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