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Waste Incinerator Refractory Installation

July 23, 2018

In December 2016, Schad Refractory was hired by a chemical disposal company in Chicago for a refractory installation. The technology used by the company disposes of various waste products and produces clean, useful recycled products and chemicals. To complete the project, we installed refractory materials in a Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM), thermal reactor (TRC), and…

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Hazardous Waste Incinerator Refractory Repair

July 21, 2018

Learn how Schad completed refractory repairs at a hazardous waste facility safely, on time, and on budget. In September 2016, Schad Refractory completed a turnaround on a hazardous waste incinerator at a global chemical producer’s facility in the Midwest. The work included refractory maintenance and modifications on a rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber, crossover duct…

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Aluminum Die Cast Re-Melting Furnace Refractory

July 18, 2018

Learn how Schad completed a reline on a 100,000 pound aluminum re-melting furnace. In August 2016, Schad performed a complete reline on a 100,000 lb. aluminum re-melting furnace located in the Great Lakes region. We were asked to reline the furnace and exterior walls. Schad has a long relationship with the customer, which has benefited…

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Steel Mill Re-Heat Furnace Refractory Repair

July 10, 2018

Schad performs regular maintenance and capital project work in steel mills throughout the United States. One of these maintenance projects is relining re-heat furnaces at a Great Lakes region integrated steel mill. Schad and the client have built a strong partnership in which the steel mill personnel depend on us to minimize downtime through efficient…

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Die Cast Holding Furnace Reline

July 3, 2018

Learn how Schad was able to quickly turn around a reline on a furnace for an aluminum foundry. In February 2016, Schad completed a full reline associated with an electric aluminum holding furnace used for die-casting at a Southern United States aluminum foundry. The project’s main challenge was the schedule. The furnace had reached a…

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June Tip of the Month

June 18, 2018

Measure Twice POUR Once Everybody has heard the carpentry phrase, “Measure twice cut once.”  With a slight variation, this phrase can be applied to casting refractories.  “Measure twice POUR once.” When building forms, it is critical to verify that they are built properly prior to pouring the materials.  When verifying form construction there are several…

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Schad June Employee of the Month: Bill Beam

MEET BILL BEAM Bill always exceeds expectations while working on large or small projects, which is why he has been named June’s Employee of the Month. Bill is a proud tradesman that has spent years mastering his craft. You only need to watch him for a moment to recognize that he is very comfortable with…

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MEET BRIAN BORTNER Perhaps the “original next generation guy,” during the past seven years, Brian Bortner has worked hard to learn a lot and build himself into an integral part of Schad’s team. During this time, Brian has served as Schad’s Logistics Manager, which means he is responsible for making sure that the people, material,…

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Waste-to-Energy Boiler Repair

June 14, 2018

Learn how Schad repaired a large waste-to-energy boiler on short notice and without a natural gas source for drying. In April, Schad completed repairs at a waste-to-energy facility in Southeastern Michigan. We received the call on a weekend and were able to mobilize to the job site on Monday. The project involved making refractory repairs…

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Steel Mill Furnace Repair

Learn how Schad reconditioned a steel mill reheat furnace ahead of schedule. In June 2017, Schad reconditioned a reheat furnace at an integrated steel mill in Ohio. The project was challenging because of an ambitious schedule, and the need for several trades. It also required work in various areas of the furnace. As a result,…

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