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Why Partner with Schad?

  1. 80 years in the business. We know the ins and outs of every project type and can help you find the solution that makes sense for your facility and your wallet.
  2. Exceptional safety rating; EMR rating of 0.66 as of March 2015. Our team has consistently decreased this for five consecutive years.
  3. Dynamic list of industries services. While some refractory companies specialize in a certain service or industry, we have experience in a broad range of businesses. This gives us unique insights in how we can most effectively install or repair every type of refractory.
  4. Solution oriented. We love talking to clients about their needs today and in the future. Our team finds innovative solutions that are designed to last.
  5. Experienced refractory staff. Much of our team has worked in the refractory industry for decades. This knowledge guarantees every job will get done right the first time.
  6. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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