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Schad provides complete refractory services in a multitude of industries.

Iron & Steel

Schad’s offerings cover a wide variety of services within the iron and steel industry. Our team is fully trained to provide complete refractory services. Additionally, we are experienced in various processes required by businesses in the iron and steel industry. Some of our services include induction furnaces, ladles, cupolas, tilt runners, runner covers and complete tundish covers.

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Non-Ferrous Metals

At Schad, non-ferrous metal processes are a large part of our business. We are experienced in handling both large and small scale projects for our clients. These projects range from small gunite repairs to installing new units. We are also trained in installing and repairing the following: die cast holding furnaces, launders, ladles, metal transfer and circulating pumps, “over-the-road” crucibles, transport lids, preheater lids and more.

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Mineral Processing

Schad’s team is skilled in a variety of mineral processing services. Our team is trained in complete kiln and preheater refractory services including: brick, rotocast, shotcrete, gunite, casting, refractory pumping and ramming plastic. We can also assist with demolition by hand tools or mechanical equipment.

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Schad can assist in a variety of petrochemical processes. Our team is skilled in fireproofing, specialty lining, and emergency on-line hot gun fiber repairs. Additionally, we are trained in complete turnaround refractory services on cat crackers, SRU’s, heaters, stacks, furnaces, boilers and grouting.

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Energy & Incineration

 Proper care and maintenance is imperative in the energy and incineration industry. The team at Schad is trained to perform work on a variety of hazardous equipment including waste kilns, SCC’s, fluidized bed boilers, incinerators, sic tubes, ash hoppers, burners, and fireboxes.

Heat Treating

At Schad Boiler, our heat treating services include maintenance and repairs on complete heat treat furnaces and Dx gas generators. Our team is proficient in replacing and installing refractory. We will performance any necessary maintenance to ensure your furnace and gas generators are at their top performance. An extensive stock of insulating fire brick (straight & shapes) is available at all times to ensure quick service.

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Combustion Systems

Schad’s team is fully trained to assist in every aspect of gas fired systems. We offer complete system design, fabrication, and installation. Additionally, we can test pre-piped and wired gas trains within our shop. These services can be utilized for furnace rebuilds or new installations.

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