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Combustion Systems

We offer complete system design, fabrication, installation and related project management for combustion systems fired with any liquid or gas fuel. At our fabrication facility, we have the ability to design and pre-assemble gas trains and piping systems to the latest safety standards. The pre-piped and pre-wired gas trains and systems can be tested as required in our shop.

Capabilities include:

System Maintenance – The harsh conditions with a thermal system create considerable wear on the associated combustion equipment.  Failure to keep up with necessary maintenance can lead to inefficient processing as well as environmental issues.  A Schad expert can assist with system inspection, maintenance, and even work to help create a long-term maintenance plan.

New System Installation – Schad has considerable experience in complete turnkey installation of new industrial thermal systems.  In addition to refractory, we are capable of performing all aspects of new installations including piping, mechanical, electrical, and controls.

System Retrofits – Process changes and demands as well as changes to emissions and safety standards can often lead to the need of thermal processors to modify their existing combustion capabilities.  Retrofits can often be significantly more economical than a complete system replacement.  As new technologies evolve a retrofit can often lead to increases in production as well as decreases in fuel consumption and pollution.  Schad’s experience makes it a more than capable partner for your upcoming combustion system retrofit project.

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