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April Employee of the Month: Cory Roberson

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Cory is April’s employee of the month because he is always willing to put in the extra work to get the jobs done safely and on time. Recently, Cory has taken on more of a leadership role and he did not hesitate to step up confidently and represent the company well. Cory is willing to do whatever it takes including travel, long-hours, and demanding tasks in order to keep projects on schedule for customers!

1. How long have you worked with Schad?
I have worked for Schad since 2005.

2. Who has taught you the most while working at Schad?
Paul Strzelecki.

3. What is your favorite part about your job?
Getting to see the finished project.

4. What do you think contributes most to a safe work environment?
Good leaders and very aware workers.

5. What lessons have you learned while working at Schad?
Being on time and to take advantage of the wisdom of some of the seasoned guys.

6. What advice do you have for future Schad candidates?
Take in all the advice you can and just pay attention try to learn as much as you can.

7. What do you like to do outside of work?
Hunting and fishing.

8. If you could learn anything, what would it be?
How to fly a helicopter.

9. If you could go to one concert, past or present, which would it be?
Motley Crue.

10. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
I would make sure everyone in my family was taken care of.

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