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July Tip of the Month

July 24, 2017

Gunned Plastic Installation Are you looking for a refractory solution for your next project that can save you time and potentially money? Consider using gunned plastic. Gunned plastics are pre-mixed phos-bonded refractory materials just like the ones that you may have seen rammed into place at many locations, however, they are applied by using compressed…

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Schad July Employee of the Month: Brian Shaffer

June 30, 2017

This month we are honoring a long time Schad employee, Brian Shaffer. Since joining Schad Refractory 18 years ago, Brian has shown up to each project with a good attitude and willingness to take on whatever is thrown at him.  He is committed to doing the best job possible.  No matter the task, Brian is…

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May Tip of the Month

May 24, 2017

When it comes to the objective of constant improvement or root cause analysis, one tool that consumers often fail to take advantage of is post-mortem testing of refractory materials. These tests can be done with a sample of the existing refractory lining in order to determine the wear mechanisms at play as well as the best possible product or products available for use.

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Schad May Employee of the Month: Gary Schimpf

May 23, 2017

Gary Schimpf is Schad’s employee of the month because of his positive attitude and commitment to getting the job done safely and right. He is always going out of his way to making sure we havethe right manpower and tools on site to do the job. Gary is constantly asking ‘What do we need to…

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April Tip of the Month

April 24, 2017

Properly Clean Equipment Cleaning equipment can be the worst part of the job. It is typically done right before a break, lunch, or at the end of a shift when fatigue is high. While it is often tedious it can be dangerous and is one of the most important tasks performed on a refractory job…

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Schad April Employee of the Month: Chaz Gross

Since joining Schad Refractory in 2010, Chaz Gross has become a valuable asset and employee to the Schad team. Chaz is hard working and is always available and willing to do any task he’s asked to do. His all hands on deck attitude, along with Chaz’s wide skill set is the reason why we are…

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February Tip of the Month

February 24, 2017

All Ceramic Fiber Products Are NOT Created Equal When it comes to materials used in high-temperature applications, one product is used nearly across the board. From hot face linings, to gaskets, to temporary bulkheads, ceramic fiber material can be found everywhere. It is known by many names blanket, wool, Kaowool, and Inswool to name a few,…

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Schad February Employee of the Month: Mike Burak

February 23, 2017

February’s Employee of the Month is Mike Burak. Since he joined Schad, Mike has consistently proven that he is dedicated to his team and getting all projects done on time. He is always looking for an opportunity to diversify his skillset and improve his understanding of refractory materials and applications. Mike enjoys the challenges that…

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January Tip of the Month

January 30, 2017

Avoid Cross Contamination  It seems that when it comes to mixing refractory materials, the lion’s share of the attention goes to water content, mix time, and temperature. This, in most cases, is for good reason, but there are other considerations refractory installers should make prior to and during installations. One such consideration is the potential…

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Schad January Employee of the Month: Jim Lezotte

This month Schad would like to honor Jim Lezotte as January’s Employee of the Month. Since he joined the Schad team in 1998, Jim has been working hard to take the worry out of any job. No matter what, he can be counted on to handle all materials carefully and make sure they are installed…

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