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Waste Incinerator Refractory Installation

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In December 2016, Schad Refractory was hired by a chemical disposal company in Chicago for a refractory installation.

The technology used by the company disposes of various waste products and produces clean, useful recycled products and chemicals. To complete the project, we installed refractory materials in a Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM), thermal reactor (TRC), and a quench.

Schad installed all of the materials off-site at our Detroit fabrication facility. They were then shipped, turnkey, to the end user in Chicago.

The project utilized several refractory technologies and material placing methods. This included multicomponent brick linings, castables and board products. The brick work was highly technical, had very slight dimensional tolerances, and required a lot of cuts to be made.

“We have worked with this customer for several years now. The work associated with their systems is unique and challenging.  They are fun projects to be a part of.  The technology is exciting and will be valuable to countless end users.”

-Schad Vice President, Dick Lee.

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