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Schad May Employee of the Month: Fab Shop Crew

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Throughout the CoVid 19 pandemic a lot of Schad employees have stepped up to meet the demands of Schad’s clients involved in essential businesses such as power generation, water treatment, petroleum refining, and more. One group of Schad employees that has not missed a beat is Schad’s “fab shop crew.” Throughout the past months, Charles, Bret, Mike, and James have stayed safe while performing fabrication and pre-cast services that help to keep all of our lights on, water flowing, and cars on the road! For this reason, they are collectively, Schad’s May Employee of the Month!

Who has taught you the most while working at Schad?
James – Tom Gay, he always has good tricks of the trade to get things done and he’s funny.
Mike – Brad Roberts and Jimmy Saucier are the two that come to mind that I have learned a lot from.
Charles & Bret – I agree with Tom and Jimmy, they have been around for a while and are very knowledgeable.

What is one of your favorite projects as a group?
James & Mike – A cement plant burner pipe was a big project that we all had to come together and work on for about a month.

Charles & Bret – We like building forms together.

What contributes most to a safe work environment?
James & Mike – having common sense and staying focused. Also having a close crew that looks out for each other and holds everyone accountable.

Charles & Bret – communication and knowing what is going on around you.

What lessons have you learned as a group?
James & Mike – cleaning up after yourself can alleviate 99% of arguments.

Charles & Bret – showing up and pulling your own weight keeps the team together.

What has been your favorite group outing/activity?
James & Mike – We went golfing a while ago and that was a good time. We also always enjoy our safety lunches.

Charles & Bret – We all had fun at the pig roast, getting to bring our families was cool.

What is everyone’s favorite lunch spot?

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