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November Tip of the Month

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Variable Conditions

Between family during the holidays and the changing weather, this time of year can be highly unpredictable.  Don’t let changing and unpredictable conditions derail your upcoming maintenance outage.

Refractory materials can be sensitive to changing temperatures and conditions.  Be sure to be prepared for these changes:

  • Shipping delays – allow extra time when shipping materials and equipment. Bad roads and holiday traffic can lead to installation crews standing around and delayed equipment startups.
  • Weather protection – rain, snow, or both are common this time of year. Make sure that materials are protected from precipitation when stored, transported, and in the field prior to installation.
  • Temperature fluctuations – it is not only important to monitor material temperatures during dry-outs. Materials that are too cold at the time of installation will not set properly, which can lead to schedule delays and reduced as-installed properties.

Maintenance projects are difficult to manage in ideal conditions, with multiple heated storage locations, a fleet of trucks, and experienced project managers, Schad has a lot of resources available to minimize the impact of variable conditions during your upcoming outage.  Reach out to us today!

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