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Aluminum Reverb Furnace Repair

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When our customers have an emergency, we treat it as our emergency. Learn how Schad responded when a customer’s furnace needed immediate repair.

A broken aluminum reverb furnace, repaired by Schad Refractory services

It was 4 a.m. on a Saturday when a long time-customer called with an emergency. They had scheduled downtime to repair their reverb furnace later that year. But the furnace wasn’t going to make it.

That same morning, our experts were on site. Personnel and equipment for the repair were ready and waiting within hours.

As soon as the temperature cooled to a suitable temperature, we were ready for the repair.

The challenges of emergency work

Getting our customer back on-line on such short notice demanded some resourceful thinking.

We needed to share manpower and equipment with the customer. And our project manager had to work with manufacturers to rush delivery of burner tiles and tap our blocks.

Winter weather also posed a unique challenge to our crews. Heat from the furnace usually kept the building and its materials at a suitable temperature.

Without the reverb furnace running, our crews had to provide temporary heating. This kept water pipes from freezing and materials from harm.

We minimized our customer’s downtime

Repairing the aluminum reverb furnace required the following work:

  • Replacing sills, jambs, lintels, burner and tap out blocks
  • Maintenance to the lower walls and belly band
  • Reconfiguring the size of an arch

Despite less than ideal conditions, we completed the work as soon as possible. And we did so without any safety problems.

Schad offers refractory repair services that you can depend on.

We know the cost of a shutdown at our customers’ facilities. And we’re ready to help, 24/7/365. If you’d like to experience that kind of customer service, contact us today.

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