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Waste-to-Energy Boiler Repair

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Learn how Schad repaired a large waste-to-energy boiler on short notice and without a natural gas source for drying.

In April, Schad completed repairs at a waste-to-energy facility in Southeastern Michigan. We received the call on a weekend and were able to mobilize to the job site on Monday.

The project involved making refractory repairs to a large boiler. We also made substantial repairs to the ash hoppers below.

To complete the work, Schad needed to:

  • Demolish the existing refractory
  • Install new refractory anchors
  • Apply new refractory materials

Overcoming Challenges

One of the challenges of this project was short notice. Nonetheless, we were able to get equipment and people to the job site within 24 hours.

By working closely with one of our partners, we were able to get 90,000 lbs. of shotcrete manufactured and shipped in 48 hours.

Another major challenge was the lack of a natural gas source near the worksite. This posed a problem when it came to the dry-out phase of the new refractory lining.

To overcome this, we worked closely with a dry-out contractor and fuel service company. We were able to safely use liquid propane gas as a fuel source to complete the dry-out.

Lastly, our crew was working in the same area as multiple contractors. This is a common challenge in our industry, and we coordinate with other crews.

The project required about 15 crew members working two shifts.

Schad completed gunite repairs within the boiler. And we used shotcrete to complete refractory repairs in the ash hoppers.

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