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Top Refractory Mistakes To Avoid

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Many times during refractory installation or maintenance, we see simple mistakes or miscalculations that were made previous to the Schad team showing up. It’s often just an oversight, but that can lead to lost time, money, and efficiency. Below are some of the most common refractory mistakes we see.

1. Assuming all refractory materials work the same.

Not all refractory materials are equal. While there are certain products and materials that can work in different scenarios, each product is specifically engineered for certain applications. More than that, different refractory materials have different placement techniques that will allow them to perform to their fullest capability.

2. Not looking at the big picture when selecting refractory.

It can be easy to look at problems through a biased viewpoint. The smartest business owners know what they don’t know, and that can be incredibly helpful when selecting refractory methods. If you don’t fully understand the scope of your operation, you could end up making a big mistake.

3. Not forecasting ahead

Could adding a new shift, increasing metal throughput or changing your fuel source affect your refractory’s ability to perform? Absolutely. This can become a big issue if you are giving customers inaccurate service timelines.

4. Not matching your refractory material with the right refractory installation method.

The installation method is just as important as the material used. Make sure to choose a refractory installer who has experience in multiple installation methods, and don’t try to dictate which method is used. It’s vital that the material and installation work well with the service, location, conditions, and more.

5. Selecting the wrong refractory installer.

Don’t assume all refractory installers are equal. Not every company has the necessary experience or knowledge. Schad has been in business for over 75 years. The customers we service represent a cross-section of industries, including but not limited to, iron and steel, non ferrous metals, mineral processing, petrochemical, power generation and incineration, heat treating, and combustion systems. Schad 2017 logo

Materials, technology, and experience team up to provide you with the best refractory system for your application – at an attractive installed cost. Reach out to us today to see how Schad can help you!

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