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September Tip of the Month

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Match the Installation Method to the Application

Today in the refractory industry there are almost as many installation methods as there are products.  Each method has advantages and disadvantages which can be confusing for customers to analyze when making the decision on which products and installation methods to use during their next maintenance project.

For example, gunning refractories in lieu of casting them can often save time, but other factors such as rebound, location, and as-installed properties should be considered.  The same or similar pros and cons apply to other installation methods such as shotcrete, bricking, and ramming materials.

A thorough understanding of a process and the overall goals of a project are required in order to make the right decision.  Are the materials going in an area that is critical to the process, are they in a troublesome area, what is the runtime goal between outages?  These are all questions to consider when pairing an installation method with an application.

Without getting overly technical, the important takeaway is that each of the pros and cons should be weighed prior to determining which installation method should be used.

At Schad, our sales and project management personnel can help guide you through this decision and make certain that it is the right choice with regard to price, schedule, and quality.  Give us a call today to find out more.

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