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Maintaining The Highest Safety Standards 

Schad would like to congratulate its employees on completing a safe 2022.

At Schad safety is more than just words, it is an integral part of our culture. Completing jobs safely takes commitment from our entire workforce.ISN RAVS Plus Participant Logo

At Schad, we maintain the highest safety standards through a combination of parties including management personnel, field personnel, host facilities, and third party support.  All of these groups must work together to achieve the desired outcome —everybody returning home safely day after day. Below is a list of what we do to keep safety ingrained in our business:

Internal programs – Schad is continuously monitoring and modifying its internal safety plans as standards change, and new hazards come to light.  We make sure that all employees are aware of our safety guidelines and expectations by publishing and updating our safety manual for all of our employees on an annual basis. We also put out a monthly safety topic for all employees to review and discuss.  In addition to reviewing and publishing these materials, Schad crews also perform and document a toolbox talk at the start of each work-shift and as worksite hazards and conditions change.

Training – Every year Schad trains and certifies employees in general as well as specific safety topics.  Some of the training performed each year includes OSHA, MSHA, HAZWOPER, first aid, CPR, forklift, rigging, and confined space.

Supply – Schad ensures that its employees have access to the tools and equipment required to complete their jobs safely. This includes standard PPE as well as fall protection, respiratory protection, air monitoring equipment, permits and audits, handbooks, and more.

Inspection – In addition to continuously documenting and auditing its own programs, Schad subscribes to many third party safety audit companies including ISNetworld, DISA, Appruv, and Avetta.

Refresh and follow-up – Each year Schad continues to provide its employees with refresher training sessions, updated physicals and drug tests, internal reviewing of its policies and procedures as well as additional training sessions when applicable.

If you are interested in working with a company where safety is a part of each and every task that is performed, reach out to Schad today.