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Induction Furnace Removal at Iron Foundry

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In March 2018, a Tennessee iron foundry presented us with a unique problem. They didn’t need help installing or repairing a furnace. They needed one taken out.

A general contractor was working to demolish the building. The demolition crew found a surprise within.

A Schad employee works to remove an induction furnace from an iron foundry.

The foundry contained four 60-ton horizontal channel induction furnaces. Realizing that removing these required a specialist, the contractor contacted Schad.

Removing these furnaces presented a unique safety challenge.

The iron foundry’s furnaces sat on a mezzanine level of the building. We would need to lower the furnaces and other materials down to grade.

This presented an obvious safety risk. To remove the furnaces, our team dealt with an evolving safety environment.

We brought in resources from across the country

To complete the project safely and efficiently, Schad needed the right equipment.

The heavy equipment included a demolition machine, skid steer, aerial lifts and a fork truck. We also needed over 500 burning bars to remove the iron and cut apart the furnace.

Along with the tools, we needed specialists to complete this unique project. Those specialists came from our offices in Detroit, Kentucky and Tennessee.

With the right equipment and the right skills, we were set to remove four 60-ton furnaces.

Schad completed the furnace removal without accidents and ahead of schedule.

As always, safety is the highest priority. We were happy to complete the project without incident, especially when faced with an unusual safety environment. And even when presented with an unusual objective, we were able to get the project completed ahead of schedule. This allowed our client to complete their without major delay.

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