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Hazardous Waste Incinerator Refractory Repair

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Learn how Schad completed refractory repairs at a hazardous waste facility safely, on time, and on budget.

In September 2016, Schad Refractory completed a turnaround on a hazardous waste incinerator at a global chemical producer’s facility in the Midwest.

The work included refractory maintenance and modifications on a rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber, crossover duct and quench.

Completing the work required:

  • Scaffold erection
  • De-scaling the crossover duct
  • Replacing multicomponent brick lining in a rotary kiln
  • Ramming plastic in an end wall
  • Replacing burner tiles
  • Installing new view ports
  • Gunning monolithic materials

Work in a hazardous waste incinerator requires tremendous care from a skill and safety perspective. The work requires considerable training in the proper use of specialized PPE. In addition, much of the work is performed at high elevations, requiring great care to be taken when building and using scaffolding systems. Completing a project like this requires a collaborative effort from all parties involved.

Schad worked around the clock for approximately two weeks in order to complete the turnaround. The project was a success in terms of the teams’ safety, schedule and budgetary goals.

“We have been performing work at this location for the past 32 years. We have a great relationship with the customer and completing these projects safely requires a strong effort and great communication by all parties.  The customer is constantly searching for process and safety improvements, and values our input.”

-Dick Lee, Schad Vice President

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