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Die Cast Holding Furnace Reline

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Learn how Schad was able to quickly turn around a reline on a furnace for an aluminum foundry.

In February 2016, Schad completed a full reline associated with an electric aluminum holding furnace used for die-casting at a Southern United States aluminum foundry.

The project’s main challenge was the schedule. The furnace had reached a point in its lifetime where it was no longer useable. Due to production demands, the customer had little to no time to spare in order to accommodate the work.

We were able to provide a cost-effective solution that accommodated the customer’s demanding workload.

How? We removed the furnace from the customer’s facility, giving us the ability to reline it as quickly as possible. When it was returned to the customer, the furnace was repaired, re-cast, dried out and ready to be put back into operation.

The scope of work included:

  • Transportation to and from the foundry
  • Removal of the refractory
  • Minor structural repairs
  • Forming and installing new refractory materials
  • Dry-out

The refractory lining consisted of multiple layers of back-up materials as well as a high-density, non-wetting, hot-face material. The configuration has been employed on numerous furnaces and is highly trusted by Schad as well as the end user.

All totaled, from the time the furnace was placed on a Schad truck to the time it was returned to the facility and put back on-line, the project duration was only fourteen days. This included a five-day dry-out completed at Schad’s facility.

By controlling each phase of the project, we were able to ensure that there would not be any costly delays and that everything would stay on track.

The client was also very good about effectively communicating and quickly making decisions which is always appreciated and contributed to our ability to finish this work on-time

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