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Brazing Furnace Relining

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Learn how Schad relined a brazing furnace ahead of schedule and under budget – with no drawings.

For four decades, Metro Machine Works has provided high precision machining and brazing. They serve customers in the aerospace, defense and energy industry.

The brazing furnace at this facility is a critical piece of equipment required in their manufacturing process. When it was clear that their furnace needed to be relined, Metro Machine Works gave us a call.

Starting from scratch

Schad contractors reline a brazing furnace in Detroit with refractory brick.

During the project, Schad provided a turnkey installation of all the refractory materials. But we encountered a significant issue in the planning stage. There were no refractory drawings available to work from.

We needed to ensure that the installation was done correctly. And we wanted to make it easier to reline the brazing furnace in the future. So we worked with a contracted engineer to provide a full set of refractory drawings to the customer.

After the drawings were made, we worked with a team of expert refractory masons to deliver a first-class installation. We also advised Metro Machine Works on suitable start-up and maintenance practices.

Here’s what our customer thought about Schad’s work

“Schad has some really good guys working with them, very professional. We really appreciate that they came in under the budget and early on the time line on this project.”

-Dave Jones, Purchasing Manager at Metro Machine Works

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