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Aluminum Die Cast Re-Melting Furnace Refractory

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Learn how Schad completed a reline on a 100,000 pound aluminum re-melting furnace.

In August 2016, Schad performed a complete reline on a 100,000 lb. aluminum re-melting furnace located in the Great Lakes region. We were asked to reline the furnace and exterior walls.

Schad has a long relationship with the customer, which has benefited both parties greatly throughout the years. For customers such as this, we work both on the repairs themselves and continuous process improvements.

The project scope included demolition, steel repairs, and refractory work.

This work required approximately 400,000 pounds of refractory material including monolithics, ceramic and stainless steel anchors, insulation board and ceramic fiber. The hot face material was an 80 percent alumina castable selected for the tough environment that results from the furnace’s high melt rate.

After we began the work, our crew discovered that additional steel repairs were required to complete the project. This required an extra three days’ work. But thanks to our close relationship with the client, this wasn’t a major problem.

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