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August Tip of the Month

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Packaging and Palletizing materials

With so much emphasis in the refractory industry on material performance and turnaround time, it is often easy to overlook how a product is packaged and prepared. Many consumers of refractory products give little attention to how materials will be packaged and shipped, and often are not aware of manufacturers’ abilities and willingness to package materials in a way that is most convenient for the end user.

Refractory materials are most commonly stocked in 50 or 55 pound bags and stacked on a pallet. This method works well for most small or average pours, however, when larger monolithic pours are necessary, materials can be shipped in “bulk bags.” Bulk bags are commonly packaged in quantities ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds. The use of bulk bags can significantly decrease installation time. As an example, the use of a single 2,000 pound bulk bag eliminates the time associated with breaking and discarding of 40 – 50 pound bags. This can really add up throughout the duration of a large project.

In addition to standard sized bulk bags, some manufacturers can even customize the amount of material in a bag for a specific pour.

Thinking strategically when it comes to packaging and palletizing materials can also help minimize freight costs as well as save warehouse space.

If you are interested in hearing more about how refractory packaging options could benefit your company, reach out to Schad today!

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