Founded as Schad Boiler Setting Company in 1942 to serve the World War II industrial boom in Detroit.

We pride ourselves on our commitement to customer service and our greatest strength is our employees.

Schad installs refractory and makes repairs in various processes throughout the iron and steel industry. 

Induction furnaces, ladles, cupola maintenance/reline, tilt runners, cast house runner covers, complete tundish covers, etc.

In the petrochemical industry, we offer many solutions to our growing list of clients.

The range of projects includes; fireproofing, speciality linings, emergency on-line hot gunite/fiber repairs.

Schad is a distributor of refractory material including brick, castable, insulation board, and ceramic fiber products to name a few.

Through our own expertise and that of our vendors, we have the ability to aid in the selection of the right products for any application.