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How we Relined a 60-ton Channel Induction Furnace in Tennessee

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In late October 2018, Schad completed the total reline of a 60-ton channel induction furnace at a Tennessee iron foundry.

Planning the reline

Our scope of work included:

  • Removing old refractory materials
  • Applying new refractory materials
  • Drying out the newly applied material
  • Ramming the inductor prior to furnace placement

For this project, we had the opportunity to work closely with plant personnel during the project’s planning phase. As a result, Schad was able to provide additional value on the project.

In the planning phase, Schad and the material manufacturer to analyze the plant’s process in order to determine the most appropriate material types for their specific process. The added planning time also enabled the project team to make some adjustments to the lining configuration to improve problematic areas, prevent hot-spots, and extend the induction furnace’s life.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to work with the project team up front. The plant was helpful and the material manufacturer did a great job identifying the right products as well as creating new installation drawings for the project. The customer placed a lot of trust in us on this one, and it feels good to deliver a high quality installation.”

-Schad Regional Manager Tyler VanWinkle.

Getting the job done

The project involved coordination between multiple companies and extensive planning. Schad precast the spouts for the induction furnace prior to commencing work on the project and worked multiple crews around the clock in order to minimize downtime.

“This was a three-component brick lining. Skilled tradesmen capable of performing this type of work are difficult to come by. We were fortunate to have some very experienced bricklayers working on this project”

-Schad Regional Manager, Stuart McManus.

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