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Mineral Processor Feed-End Assembly

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Every so often, we get introduced to a project where we have to rethink our approach. Schad recently just finished one of those projects for a mineral processor in the Great Lakes region.

Schad was tasked with the installation of refractory materials in a “feed-end assembly” for a 10’6” rotary kiln. Due to the specs of the project, our team decided to do the bulk of the installation in our fabrication shop located in Detroit, MI.

By performing the bulk of the project at our own facility, we were able to swiftly deal with the challenges that came with it. Scheduling constraints and the conical geometry of the assembly were the main challenges that our team faced.

The assembly required the construction of a custom-built steel form. Once the custom-built form was installed, the assembly was cast using a castable product designed to withstand the high temperature and abrasion associated with the process.

Once the installation of all the refractory materials was complete, our team transported the oversized assembly using one of our own trucks and trailer. Finally, the erection contractor lifted the piece into place for the final installation.

When all was said and done, doing a large portion of the work off-site saved thousands of dollars and about three work shifts of production time.

“The guys are always bringing us new challenging items for us to figure out how to cast,” said fabrication shop manager, Kirk Walker. “But together we always come up with and execute a plan. The guys in the shop did a great job getting this piece turned around.”

Schad’s ability to ship equipment and materials from our 12,000 square foot fabricating shop and 40,000 square foot warehouse make us the perfect choice for your turnkey projects.

Our greatest strength at Schad is our employees. From project managers to engineers, we have been solving problems and finding solutions since 1942.

If you have any large, awkward or time-sensitive refractory installations coming up, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 581-7885 or fill out our free online quote form.

Highlight of the Month

Emergency Runoff Chamber

Schad recently completed a scope of work that does not fall into its typical refractory installation and maintenance activities.  At a Great Lakes Region integrated steel mill, Schad completed demolition and cleaning of the contents in an emergency runoff chamber.

The chamber is used when steel is spilled out of the tundish as it is being transferred to the caster.  A spill could be intentional or unintentional, and the runoff chamber prevents the molten metal from harming people or property.

Since the occurrence of a spill is not common, runoff chambers do not require regular maintenance and cleaning.  When the integrated mill needed somebody to remove several years of build-up, Schad took on the task using heavy equipment to safely and efficiently get the job done.

Do you have any non-routine tasks that may require a bit of innovation and a lot of elbow grease to get done?  Schad and its network of industry relationships can get the job done.

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