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Case Study: Midwestern Seamless Tube Manufacturer

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During the past month, Schad was given its first opportunity to work at a Midwest seamless tube manufacturer. The previous refractory contractor had a difficult time adhering to the plant’s schedule which motivated them to give a new contractor a chance to meet their expectations.

The outage was to be performed on a rotary hearth furnace and Schad managed to complete the project in the allocated timeframe working two ten-hour shifts per day for seven shifts.

Seamless Tube Manufacturer

The scope of work included the removal and replacement of all of the working hearth brick as well as removing and replacing the plastic refractory materials associated with the interior burner wall and several mechanical burner components.

In order to make productivity improvements, Schad implemented several strategies including laying out and organizing the brick on its shop floor in Detroit prior to mobilization, using conveyors to transport materials throughout the furnace, and assembling a team of skilled tradesmen from Michigan, Ohio, and New York in order to have the right mix of talent and experience on the project.

“It’s always nice to have a new opportunity, but this one really stood out because the furnace manager was extremely well organized and helpful throughout the planning process and the job itself.  I’m looking forward to having additional opportunities to show what Schad can do at this facility,” said Schad Project Manager, Matt Kuderik.

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Motto of the Month

At Schad, we try to inspire each other with inspirational quotes and mottos that we come across from time to time. For the time being, we are going to use this section of the newsletter to share some of this inspiration with our valued customers, employees, and partners!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Highlight of the Month

New Service Vehicle

Recently, Schad acquired and built out a new service vehicle that will be used to transport and maintain some of its most used and maintained equipment.

Schad Service Truck

The truck and its operator will specialize in transporting, operating, and servicing pumping equipment. The truck will also be regularly stocked with parts and tools required to keep the equipment operating as effectively as possible.

“Everything in refractory is heavy, dirty, and hot,” said Schad President, Ross Lee.  “Equipment in this environment is going to breakdown.  It’s inevitable and it usually happens at the worst possible moment.  This new service vehicle enables us to increase the proportion of time our equipment is operating out in the field, as well as quickly repair or replace equipment when it does breakdown,” he continued.

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