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May Tip of the Month

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Post-Mortem Testing

When it comes to the objective of constant improvement or root cause analysis, one tool that consumers often fail to take advantage of is post-mortem testing of refractory materials. These tests can be done with a sample of the existing refractory lining in order to determine the wear mechanisms at play as well as the best possible product or products available for use.

Post-mortem testing is often done by material manufacturers and is also offered by third parties. In many cases, it simply verifies what an operator already knows about their process, however, it can reveal that there are practices or conditions at play leading to premature replacement of refractory linings. Also, it is not a bad idea to re-verify what is happening within a refractory lining on occasion as processes, people, and practices evolve.

If you are interested in performing tests to verify or determine how your refractory lining is reacting to the environment within which it exists or if there may be more suitable alternatives available, reach out to Schad!

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