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Case Study: Great Lakes Region Steel Producer

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In September 2019, Schad completed a project for a Great Lakes Region steel producer. The project called for the complete reline of a combustion chamber for an electric arc furnace (EAF).

Schad had previously completed some “hot-gun” repairs on the combustion chamber, but it was great to have an opportunity to perform a complete relining.  Schad’s skilled tradesmen especially appreciated the opportunity to install a brand new all brick lining.

The project did not come without challenges. The first challenge was acquiring the necessary materials. The specification called for 90 percent alumina brick and the lead-time was short.

Leveraging its status as an HWI Contractor Installer, Schad was able to procure three truckloads of brick in a timely manner at a competitive price.

The next challenge came in the form of site-logistics. The project site included numerous contractors. Schad had to work with and around the other trades for the benefit of the entire project.

The most difficult challenge to coordinate was the overhead work in the area. Progress needed to be made while ensuring that loads would not be carried over the tradesmen. This required a lot of cooperation from the various contractors.

Schad worked two-ten-hour work-shifts per day in order to quickly complete the project. It also was able to save time on the schedule by using its fabrication shop to pre-cut many of the insulation materials prior to their delivery to the job site.

In the end, Schad’s resources and flexibility enabled it to complete a couple of small additional scope items that were not a part of the original plan without impact to the overall project schedule.

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Tennessee Iron Foundry

Also in September, Schad completed two hot-spout exchanges on an induction furnace at a Tennessee iron foundry. The pour spout was addressed first and during the next trip, the receiving spout was replaced.

Upon receiving the initial call from the customer, Schad was on-site with five workers, equipment, and material in less than 24 hours.

The jobs are a challenge because they are often unplanned, and they take place on a hot furnace.

The repairs involve removal of the existing spout, followed by returning the furnace refractory to its original thickness, and finally placing the new spare spout in the old one’s place.

The spouts are a high wear item and a point of emphasis in terms of identifying the best practice. Schad is currently working with the customer to consider additional material types and installation options that may reduce the frequency of spout exchanges.

“They are not easy jobs to complete, but we are very grateful for the opportunity to change out the spouts,” said Schad Regional Manager, Tyler VanWinkle.  “I am looking forward to considering additional alternatives and hopefully establishing an improved best practice for this furnace,” he continued.

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