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February Tip of the Month

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When it comes to refractory installations, there are a lot of options and alternatives. For monolithic linings alone, they can be cast-in-place, gunned using multiple methods, pumped, or even pre-cast. Then there are also alternative materials such as brick and ceramic fiber products.

It is critical that the material and the installation method fit the application. Some methods may increase the speed of installation thereby decreasing labor costs and downtime but may potentially sacrifice material properties. Others may be ideal in terms of properties and performance but might be completely impractical in terms of the costs and time required for installation.

Another problem can occur when materials are installed using an installation method they were not designed for. Using unintended installation methods can prevent materials from properly setting or from achieving the as designed physical properties.

Do not cut corners and select materials simply to save time and do not select high-quality materials simply because they have better properties. Most applications have a “sweet spot” that provides the greatest blend of installation time and long-term performance. Making the wrong choice could be costly in the long and the short term.

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