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Case Study: Eastern Ohio Steel Mill

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In October, Schad took on a challenging project at an Eastern Ohio steel mill. The project involved working on four different furnaces during a two-week period. The furnaces included austenitizing, rotary, shell, and tempering furnaces.

Schad was involved in every aspect of the project including inspection/scope development, material procurement, installation, and safety coordination. The various scopes of work and installation methods required an employee base with a diverse skill set.

In order to complete the work, Schad employees were required to perform demolition, install ceramic fiber, ram plastic, shoot gunite, install brick, weld, and remove a water-cooled discharge door.

Safety was a challenge. Each work area and each task presented unique hazards and challenges that needed to be identified and addressed as progress was made. Schad worked closely with the plant’s safety personnel to ensure a safe work environment.

One safety challenge that the team addressed together was the development of a ventilation and monitoring plan for a confined space to ensure that it was safe during the use of gas-powered equipment in and near the unit.

“It can be a challenge keeping track of the various work areas and the scope changes throughout the project.  We do our best to react to the changes quickly in order to keep the projects on track. The plant personnel and our crew work very well together to help each other as much as possible whether we are addressing a safety hazard or under a tight deadline, we all work as a team,” said Schad Superintendent, Gary Schimpf.

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Highlight of the Month

New Transportation Trailer

Schad’s Youngstown business unit recently added a new 24-foot transportation trailer to its fleet of equipment.

The trailer can be pulled by a pick-up or stake truck and is set up to help Schad mobilize to customers’ facilities at a moment’s notice.  The trailer will be regularly stocked with the most common tools, equipment, and PPE required on Schad’s projects.  “It’s always fully stocked, and we can have everything strapped down and the whole assembly rolling down the road within an hour’s notice,” said Schad Regional Manager, Matt Sam.

The trailer is also heated and cooled which allows the trailer to double as a weather-protected enclosure for materials, equipment, and even personnel near isolated work areas within the industrial facilities that Schad serves.

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