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Case Study: Aluminum Reverb Furnace Refractory Repair

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In January 2019, Schad completed two large aluminum reverb furnace relines for a single customer at two facilities, one in the Northern Great Lakes and one in Kentucky.   

While the scopes of work were similar, the way they were performed, as well as their geographies, were quite different. 

One of the furnaces was planned well in advance. The plant had made accommodations to ensure the fulfillment of their orders. The other reline was not planned to occur until later in 2019, and Schad needed to work to procure materials, equipment, and manpower with limited notice. This came during one of the busiest times of the year for industrial maintenance projects. 

Schad’s project managers worked together to accommodate both customers.  This primarily consisted of sharing equipment and reallocating manpower resources in order to ensure that all customers could receive the level of quality and service that they are accustomed to receiving when Schad’s on the job. 

In the end, both projects were completed successfully without negatively impacting the delivery of services at other locations. Together, nearly one million pounds of refractory materials were installed. 

“I’m grateful to work at a company with a team environment where people are willing to help each other.  We are all focused on completing our own projects, but when conditions and plans change, we all work together.”

Tyler VanWinkle, Schad Regional Manager

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