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Gunned Plastic Installation

Are you looking for a refractory solution for your next project that can save you time and potentially money? Consider using gunned plastic.

Gunned plastics are pre-mixed phos-bonded refractory materials just like the ones that you may have seen rammed into place at many locations, however, they are applied by using compressed air to “gun” them into place as are other more common refractory products.

Gunned plastics are manufactured with varying alumina contents as well as potential additives such as chrome.

The advantages that gunned plastics offer are the speed of installation, reduction of man-power required, fast dry-outs, the ability to apply to a hot furnace, and minimal forming requirements.

Schad has multiple BSM guns at its disposal and can respond quickly to gunned plastic projects from any of its locations.

“Throughout my career, I have installed a lot of gunned plastic. It is a great “go-to” solution, especially in the aluminum industry. It is useful for everything from patching along the metal line of a furnace to a complete hot-face installation,” says Schad’s Louisville Regional Manager, Tyler VanWinkle.

To learn more about gunned plastic and if it is right for you, give Schad a call!

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