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February Tip of the Month

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All Ceramic Fiber Products Are NOT Created Equal

When it comes to materials used in high-temperature applications, one product is used nearly across the board. From hot face linings, to gaskets, to temporary bulkheads, ceramic fiber material can be found everywhere. It is known by many names blanket, wool, Kaowool, and Inswool to name a few, and it is often thought of as a commodity. This last note, however, is far from the truth.

While many ceramic fiber products look the same and even feel the same ceramic fiber comes in a wide variety of forms and qualities.

Did you know that ceramic fiber is sold and installed in many forms? As a matter of fact, it comes in bulk, blanket, pre-fabricated modules, pumpable, and even gunnable versions. It can even be prefabricated in large panels for doors, lintels, roofs, and walls.

In addition to the many forms, it also comes in various densities and temperature ratings.

These various characteristics can have a tremendous impact on price as well as performance and lifespan.

Don’t just assume that all ceramic fiber products are created equal.  Schad can help you determine which product and installation method is the most appropriate for your application. Get in touch with us today!


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